What makes a.l.p.h.a. different from my doctor?

a.l.p.h.a. is a non-profit specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of common STIs and a group of passionate individuals that work to support people living with HIV.

One way that a.l.p.h.a. differs from a doctor’s office or urgent care is that we do not charge our patients for the testing we perform. We ask for a donation, but if a patient cannot make a donation, we will still test them. Because of this, we test patients based on the risks associated with their recent behaviors. For example, it is entirely possible to ask a doctor to test you for Malaria, and even if you have no risk for Malaria, the doctor may test you and bill you for that test. At a.l.p.h.a. we provide the appropriate testing for your risk, but may ask you to pay a small fee if the test you are asking for is not indicated by the risks you have disclosed and the CDC testing guidance for that disease.

We are always happy to talk to a patient about our reasoning behind our recommended tests. We will never deny you a test for an STI that you are at true risk of contracting.

Another way we are different is that we cannot provide vaginal exams or prescription birth control at this time.

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