“Chris was the best “blood taker” I’ve ever encountered. I’ve previously been tested at big, expensive places like LabCorb or Quest. Tried out this free clinic (no donation is required, but they ask you consider giving $75 to cover their cost, which I did). Was great. The decor is no frills, that’s for sure. But they’re extremely nice, everything is clean, but best of all, it was completely painless. I hate needles. Was especially a bit nervous since it was just the armrest of a regular chair that they were taking the blood from and not a doctor’s chair with a dedicated table for your arm like I’m used to. I’m still amazed at how pain free Chris made the blood draw. After the needle went in, I actually had to look twice to see if it was really in or he was still lining it up. That’s how good he is. And the needle was so small that there was literally a single tiny drop of blood afterwards before the hole sealed. Didn’t even need to keep the bandage on there! Never had such an easy blood draw before. Most pain free one ever. If they were all this easy, I wouldn’t dread getting my blood drawn! Thanks, Chris!”— Private Patient Identity, November 2016

“The friendly and knowledgeable staff and laid back environment make an otherwise stressful experience very painless and easy. Well worth the donation! I’ll be going back when I need to test again.”— Private Patient Identity, December 2016

“Such an open and friendly environment. A worthy cause carried out by amazing individuals.”—Private Patient Identity, March 2017