We offer a range of sexual health testing services at minimal to no cost. While that is made possibly largely through partnership with the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare, personal donations are always appreciated and encouraged to continue offering free testing.

Available tests:

Chlamydia: While chlamydia may be one of the most common STD’s, it can have some serious consequences if left un-diagnosed and untreated. Symptoms, when present, may include abnormal discharge or painful urination. A person can have a chlamydia infection in any part of the body used for sex contact, therefore, it’s critical you talk with the tester about how you use your body. Learn more about chlamydia here.

Gonorrhea: An equally common, and serious STD is gonorrhea. Although symptoms may seem very similar to chlamydia, gonorrhea is very different bacteria and requires different treatment. Gonorrhea can also be found in different body locations. Your tester will talk with you about what types of samples are needed. Due to increasing antibiotic resistance, prevention is the best option. Learn more about gonorrhea here.

Hepatitis C (HCV): Of the various strains of Hepatitis, there is particular concern with Hepatitis C, especially among 1) baby boomers 2) persons using intravenous/ injectable drugs, and/or 3) persons engaging in high risk blood contact (ex: tattoo equipment that has not been sterilized). Currently there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C but there are many treatment options so early detection is important. Learn more about HCV here.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): While it may sound scary, HIV is more manageable than ever before. Through early detection and proper treatment, persons living with HIV can anticipate an average life expectancy (78.94 years for Americans). With proper treatment of HIV many people become “undetectable” which means the risk of transmission is extremely low. Learn more about HIV here.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): Sometimes called the “birth control of HIV”, PrEP is a highly effective bio-medical way to prevention acquiring HIV. Eligibility for PrEP involves various tests, ranging from STD’s and HIV to Viral Hepatitis. It’s important you have a provider with whom you’re comfortable discussing your sex behaviors when considering starting PrEP. We’re building a referral list right now, but in the meantime, learn more about PrEP here.

TelePrEP Services: Q Care Plus makes accessing PrEP easy by providing flexible options like virtual provider visits with PrEP experts, convenient labs like at-home testing kits or in-person at traditional labs, and medications delivered right to your door. Q Care Plus’s team will also help make PrEP affordable by working with community partners and foundations like a.l.p.h.a.  to help cover the cost of visits, labs and medications. 99% of patients pay $0 for their medical visits, labs, and prescriptions. Restrictions may apply* Visit https://qcareplus.com to learn more.

Syphilis: Once thought to be eliminated as a health threat, many outbreaks of syphilis have occurred in the past few years. Syphilis progresses through different stages and may or may not show any symptoms. Although curable, it is important detect syphilis in the earliest phase (Primary Stage) to reduce the chances of other health complications. Learn more about syphilis here.

Testing procedure(s):

Different specimen/samples are needed for different tests. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing is most often done with an urine sample, but sex behaviors may suggest additional samples (re: rectal swab) be collected. Rapid Hepatitis C testing (results available in about 20 minutes) needs a small finger-stick to collect blood. With the advances of technology, medicine, and science, HIV and syphilis can be tested for in a variety ways, ranging from a simple oral swab to a finger-stick to a traditional blood draw. Depending on what device is used, results may be available between 10 minutes and 7 days. PrEP requires a variety of samples and test results are often available in 7 days.

While we are happy to provide testing services at little to no cost, it is important to know it costs us approximately $75 for each sample collected, test performed, site swabbed, etc. Donations and insurance are greatly encouraged (although not required) and help offset costs for those individuals unable to afford services elsewhere. We can test an individual at no fee, but appreciate any donation that you can afford.